Rules of Operation

  1. To operate in the state of Ohio: Any sedan, limo, van, bus, etc. must be compliant and registered with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO).

  2. To cross state lines for any form of compensation, a company must be USDOT registered and compliant.

  3. If you see a vehicle with city tags on it that means that the vehicle is only licensed to operate within the city limits.

  4. Most local companies only register on a local level to keep their cost down and avoid the stringent rules of the USDOT, such as drug testing, hours of operation, maintenance records, etc.

  5. Any company that crosses state lines that is not USDOT compliant is in violation of federal transportation laws and is subject to arrest and seizure of property as well as $11,000 fine per occurrence.

  6. Any vehicle that transports more 6 passengers across state lines is required to have the USDOT number displayed on both sides of the vehicle.

  7. All documents proving proper compliance and insurance must be kept in the car and be available for viewing up request.


Insurance Requirements for Operating Limousines Throughout the United States



PUCO: 152568
USDOT: 357625
MC: 220326