FAQ - (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Are you licensed and insured? If they answered yes ask the following questions:

      1. What are your PUCO, USDOT, and MC numbers?
      2. Are you insured for interstate and intrastate transportation?
      3. What is your insurance coverage? Click Here
      4. Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau of Northwest Ohio? Of the National Limousine Association?
      5. See Federal & State Regulations for Limo Operators - Click Here

Q: How soon should I make my reservation?

A: This is normally dependant on the type of reservation you are making. We advise that with weddings you reserve 6 months to a year ahead. We do realize there are times this is not possible due to circumstances and we advise you to call and see if your date is available when you have decided that you need transportation. With airport reservations, we advise that when your travel plans with the airline are made, you should make your ground transportation arrangements. For further information click here

Q: What does your quoted price include?

A: Our quotes will include in all hourly rates and packages the state tax where applicable and the drivers gratuity.  Our airport quotes can be different depending on the type of vehicle needed, the pick up location and the time of your departure or arrival. They will include the state tax if applicable, the drivers’ gratuity, distance fees, any 3rd shift premium fees, and the parking fee when applicable.

Q: Do you have a preferred payment method?

A: We do require a deposit for all weddings, hourly rate reservations, and packages. The deposit amount is equal to 50% of  the total amount owed. We accept all major credit cards, checks, money orders, and cash. We can also set up a payment plan with you,  if that is better for your budget. Once your deposit is received it is NON-REFUNDABLE. Remember, once you have made your reservation and reserved a certain vehicle, it is removed from the rest of the public for that time period.  This is the reasoning behind the non- refundable deposit. Please make sure your times and dates are correct.

Q: Are the vehicles stocked with alcoholic beverages?

A: We do not carry a liquor license and it is against the Ohio law to provide alcohol so we will not supply any type of alcoholic beverage, unless you have supplied it to our office to have in the vehicle waiting for you. We will supply the ice, glasses, napkins, and with the rental of certain packages you will be treated to a non-alcoholic beverage.

Q:Do you offer vehicles for smokers?

A: The Ohio law states that there can be no smoking in a vehicle for hire. We enforce this with our customers. We realize this could be inconvenient. If requested the driver will stop for you as many times during your trip that you request. We have been very proud to offer to all our customers clean and fresh smelling vehicles since 1986. Remember, we want ONLY THE BEST FOR YOU!

Q:Will you price match your competition?

A: We do not play the pricing game. We know with Total Image Limousine you will be receiving the quality service that you deserve. When you price shop you may get a lesser price along with less service and less professionalism. The adage that you get what you pay for, is so true in the limousine industry.  We also like to remind all of our potential customers that are shopping for limousine service, to take a moment and check with the Better Business Bureau for a rating on any limousine company you may select. This will help with your decision process.

Q: May I look at your vehicles?

A: Yes! You may come see the vehicles and pick the one you want. We have office hours Sunday through Saturday that are convenient for most everybody. If you have a conflicting schedule, we will make time for you. We advise that you call our offices and make sure the vehicles are available for viewing.

Q: We realize there are a lot more questions that need answered. We are more than happy to take the time and answer them. Just pick up the phone and call us at 419-867-1710 or you can e-mail us at


PUCO: 152568
USDOT: 357625
MC: 220326